Tax Search


If you search by name, enter the name in ALL CAPS as it appears on the tax bill - last name first and then first name (no comma). Partial names are acceptable. 

To search by receipt number, use the "Bill #" in the upper right hand corner of your tax bill.

If you search by parcel number, you must type the entire number in this format: xx -xxxx-xxxx-xxx-x. Partial numbers are not accepted. Include spaces when entering the number.

If there are unpaid taxes, they will display on the Unpaid Parcels Found tab. To see the paid taxes, click on the Paid Parcels Found tab.

To pay the taxes, check the box(es) beside the balance due. Then click on Pay Selected Taxes and fill in the required fields. Even though the balance due description says First Half, the City only sends one tax bill each year.