Welcome to our website  -  an easy and convenient way to pay bills!

                      BILL PAY REMINDERS

* Your utility bill is due upon receipt.
* Your account will be assessed a 5% late fee if not paid by the 15th of the month. 
   If the 15th occurs on a non-business day the late fee will be accessed and posted
   to the next  business day.
* If your bill is not paid by the 23rd the account will be closed and added to the 
   Shut-Off list.  An administrative fee of $35 will added to your bill to re-open the
   account.  If you make an on-line payment on shut-off day, please call the office
   (417.673.5077) to verify that payment has been received and that your service
   will not be interrupted.
* A $50 after hour re-connection fee will be charged if requesting a re-connect after
   4:45 pm. This fee will be in addition to the $35 to re-open the account.
*  Not receiving a bill is not grounds for non-payments.
* Auto-draft is still an option for payment.