Welcome to the City of Washougal Online Payments page!

This website offers customers 24/7 access and the option to pay online via credit card or eCheck. If you have questions about your utility bill or service or any other online payments, we are happy to assist you. Please contact us by phone at 360-835-8501 or by using our online request form.

Note: All Credit/Debit card transactions are charged a 2.49% consumer service fee and E-Checks $1.50 regardless if processed online, in person or over the phone. *


Use EasyPay, to make online payments for:

  • Building Permit Invoices
  • Dog License Application Fee
  • Animal Impound Fee
  • Special Events Fee

Use Utilities Account Manager for information and payment options on your Utility account.

Utilities Account Manager First Time Users

  1. Select Register (located top, right) to access the Member Registration page
  2. Enter your information and select Create Member
  3. A verification email will be sent to you. Select the hyperlink within the email to complete the activation of your account

Once registration is complete, you will enter specific utility account information:

  1. Select the Utility Billing link (right, or top)
  2. Select Add an Account
  3. Enter your utility account number as it is noted on your utility bill (XX-XXXXXX-XXX)
  4. Enter your last payment amount, found on your latest statement.
  5. Select Add Account

Other Utility Payment Options

If you do not wish to pay through this website portal, there are several other options for paying your utility bill at https://www.cityofwashougal.us/169/Utility-Billing.

*The Consumer Service Fee is charged by a Third party company. The consumer service fee is non-refundable. The card-holder is notified of consumer fee amount prior to authorization of the card, and has the option to opt-out and pay by another payment method. If consumer fee is accepted, and authorized, the consumer fee will appear as a separate charge on card-holder statement.

Note: Only Blue or Black ink is accepted on checks/money orders due to banks processing requirements.