Utility Payments/Services

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Utility Payments/Services

City Office Hours

City Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST.

Important Note Regarding Past Due Accounts:

Balances not paid in full will be subject to disconnection and account reconnects cannot be paid online.

Payment arrangements may not be setup online.  To make a payment arrangement contact City Hall at 706-859-0900.

Do you have a utility bill that is twenty (20) days past the original due date? If so, please call City of Summerville customer service at 706-859-0900 before you make an online payment, to prevent utility service disruptions.

Important Note Regarding Viewing Bills Prior to 09/01/16:

The City of Summerville upgraded the billing software on 09/01/16 to the current system.  Account history is available for accounts established prior to this date, but viewing a PDF copy of a bill prior to this date is NOT available though you may see a link to view the bill.