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**If you have a citation for DRIVING WHILE USING A CELL PHONE (ORS 811.507) Please contact the court at (541)726-3748 BEFORE you pay online.  You may be eligible to have the fine reduced if you take a class!**

Welcome to the City of Springfield, OR

Online Court Fines Payment System

We currently accept payments for the following courts:


Springfield Municipal Court



- Payments are processed within two business days.  If your payment is due, or you are due in court sooner than two business days, please visit the court in person. 

-As of 01/01/2019 online and phone payments will be charged a card processing fee. This is not a court fee and cannot be waived.

- If you cannot pay the full balance of your fine, you must make payment arrangements with the court.  Fines or payment plan payments that are only partially paid on their due dates are still subject to a finding of Failure to Pay or Guilty by Default. 

- This website may not be an accurate reflection of all charges you have pending with the court.  The absence of a charge in this system in no way invalidates said charge. 

- All CRIMINAL (Misdemeanor) charges REQUIRE a court appearance on your scheduled arraignment date.  While you may be able to make payments on criminal matters here after the case has been adjudicated, your initial appearance is MANDATORY. 

- All citations that remain unpaid after their court date, or payment plan payments that are late or incomplete are subject to collections, additional fines and fees, and in instances of traffic violations, suspension of your driving privileges. 

- If your account is currently in collection, you cannot make payments with the court and the balance reflected here may not represent the total amount owed to the collection agency, you must make all payments and arraignments through the collection agency that holds your account.

- If your license is currently suspended and you make a payment here, it can take several business days for the suspension to be lifted from your license with the DMV.  If you wish immediate suspension clearance, you can pick up a clearance form from the court to carry to the DMV yourself.