Southlake, TX


Welcome to our online payments website!

Online payments require the defendant to waive his/her right to a jury trial and enter a plea of Nolo Contendere or GuiltyThis Website requires you to apply your online payments to violations with the oldest date first before paying violations that are more recent. Please note: an online convenience fee is added to every online payment transaction. Payment for multiple violations on the same online transaction will incur only one online convenience fee. 

Please see the following options to take care of your citation:

Pay the Fine in Full: Any violation paid online will be recorded as a conviction and reported to the State of Texas Department of Public Safety, and may incur State driving record penalty points and/or surcharges.

Request Deferred Disposition: Requests for Deferred Disposition can be made online for certain violations. The full fine amount is due at the time of transaction along with a $25 special expense fee. Please find your citation to see requirements.

Pay for a Warrant to be Cleared: Any warrant paid online will be recorded as a conviction. If payment is made outside business hours, the warrant will not be cleared until the following business day.

In-Custody Payments: If you are attempting to make a payment for a defendant who is currently in custody, you MUST go to that jail to make the payment to be released for Southlake charges.

How to Find your Citation on this Site: When entering a citation number, please follow instructions:  FOR PINK CITATION (hand-written): Enter only the FIRST SIX (6) digits. EXAMPLE: 410200. FOR ELECTRONIC CITATIONS (White paper): enter the ENTIRE citation number. EXAMPLE: E0001998

**Requests a Driving Safety Course cannot be submitted online. If you are interested in this option, you must appear at the Southlake Municipal Court, request a court appearance and have Judge approval.

 View and pay Municipal Court citations online.