Before You Pay Online

Online payments require the defendant to waive his or her right to a jury trial and enter a plea of Nolo Contendere or Guilty. 

A convenience fee of $4.50-$6.00 is added to every payment transaction (one fee for multiple cases).

Age requirement: to pay online, a defendant must have been at least 17 years old at the time of citation.

Violations with the oldest date of citation must be paid first (by website requirement).

For assistance, please contact the Court. Phone: 817-748-8188  Business hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM.

Online Payment Options

Pay the fine in full without a prior appearance: Any violation paid online will be recorded as a conviction unless you are either requesting Deferred Disposition, or have already been granted an extension of time to pay by the Court. Convictions are reported to the State of Texas Department of Public Safety, and may incur driver responsibility points or surcharges.

Request Deferred Disposition: Requests for Deferred Disposition can be made online for certain moving violations. A $25.00 special expense fee will be added to the cost of the citation.  IMPORTANT: People 18-24 years old (at the time of citation) MUST complete a Driving Safety Course within their 90-day Deferred Disposition

Partial Payments: Partial payments can be submitted only on cases where you have already entered a plea and the Court has granted time to pay the balance. When confirming the payment amount, click on the payment total to change the amount that you want to pay.

For cases already granted the Driving Safety Course option, adjust the payment amount to pay the required fee: $144.00 for regular zone; $169.00 for school zone violations.

For the Driving Safety Course Option, payment of the balance of $100 may result in waiver of a show cause hearing and the case to be closed as a conviction.


Any warrant paid online will be recorded as a conviction. If payment is made outside business hours, the warrant will not be cleared until the following business day. 

Payments for defendants who are currently in custody MUST be paid at the jail where they are in being held, and not online.

How to Find a Citation on this Site

  1. Click on the "Municipal Court" link below.
  2. Search by Citation Number and Birthdate, or Name and Birthdate, or Driver's License and Birthdate.
  3. Parking violations: Search by Vehicle Information (license plate number)

View and pay Municipal Court citations online.