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The following services are available:

The City of Seguin is pleased to offer customers this online service that can be managed on a cell phone, computer or tablet. View and pay your bill, monitor your consumption, set up alerts & more!

Once your account has been created, you can view and track your detailed water usage to help identify unusual spikes in water usage associated with potential leaks.

The usage data provided in the portal comes from the City's AMI system and this data can be viewed in monthly, weekly, daily and hourly increments.

The online dashboard will help you gain a better insight on how and when you use utilities, offer you the ability to conserve utilities and lower your bills!

* DISCLAIMER: In an effort to provide quality service to our citizens, it is possible that routine system and meter upgrades made by the City of Seguin could cause temporary loss of communications to your utilities meter. This will not impact your billing, but may impact the bar-graph data that appears on the consumption portal. For concerns or questions about your consumption data, please call the Utility Billing Department at 830-401-2460.

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