Welcome to our online payments website!

Alabama Law provides that certain traffic citations are payable without court appearance.  You may click on the Municipal Court link below and enter your citation information to determine if your citation is payable. You may also visit our expanded link at Saraland.org for detailed information.

Please note the following information before proceeding with your online payment:

If you would like to attend Traffic School, DO NOT pay online.  Please contact Alabama Safety Institute at 251-450-0200 for more information.

If you believe the amount due on your citation is not correct, please contact the court before submitting your online payment.  Refunds cannot be generated after payment is complete.

There is a $1.50 vendor fee when paying online.  This fee will be reflected when you generate your payment.

 Payment of your citation constitutes a conviction and will be reported to the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

If you received MORE THAN ONE Citation at the same time, you MUST appear in Court to handle the Citations.