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The following services are available:



    View and pay court citations online with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Convenience fees do apply.

    Please be aware that not all violations may be paid online, some may require a court appearance or payment in the Municipal Court clerk’s office as additional paperwork must be completed.

    In some cases online payments may not apply:

    • Under the age of 18
    • Plea of not guilty
    • Request of driver’s safety course/dismissal
    • Tobacco or Alcohol Violation

    If any portion of the fine is paid on the 31st day after the date of judgement, a $25.00 time payment fee will be added to each violation.

    Use the following link to pay online: Municipal Court


   Utility Billing Payments

Attention:  If your services have been disconnected for non-payment DO NOT PAY ONLINE.

You need to come into the utility office to make payment to be sure services are re-instated.

Methods of Payment:

Draft Payment:  from your bank account either on the 10th or 25th (depending on your billing Zone).         Come to City Hall to sign up or print form from website -- www.robinsontexas.org fill out and drop off at       City Hall.

Mail Payment: City of Robinson, 111 West Lyndale Ave., Robinson, Texas 76706. 

Drive Thru Depository:  available 24 hours a day located at City Hall for your convenience.

Bill Pay Service thru your banking institution:  please allow at least ten days for payment to be received.

MasterCard, Visa & Discover credit card payments at City HallPhone payments are no longer accepted effective 10-1-12.

Online payments:  MasterCard, Visa & Discover payments accepted online see link below.

  • View and pay utility bills online with MasterCard, Visa & Discover.  Convenience fees do apply.  Click on the link below to register.  First time users will need their account number and the last amount paid. From then on you only need your email address and password for future logons.  Convenience Fees only apply when making a payment.  Customer can view their account balance any time, no fees.

*  Once you have registered you can click the "sign up for e-bill" link to receive your utilbity bill by email.

   Utility Billing