Welcome to the City of Plano Municipal Court’s online payment system. Most tickets will not be available for online payment for approximately three days from the date of offense, however, you are still responsible for making an appearance within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of offense.

If you are unable to locate your citation online or the option you are requesting is not available, please contact the court or appear in person for further information. If your citation number includes a letter, you must enter this information in capital letters.

Note: The online payment system does not handle underage alcohol violations or juvenile (16 years or younger) citations.


The following services are offered online if you are within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of offense (if eligible):

- Deferred Disposition

If citation lists multiple violations, Deferred Disposition is only available online for one violation. If you wish to request Deferred Disposition on multiple violations, you will need to appear in person.

Citation cannot be a result of accident, red light, safety belt or child safety seat, insurance or any non-traffic offense

- Driving Safety Course

If citation lists multiple violations, Driving Safety Course is only available for one violation

- Payment in Full


The following services are also offered online if you have requested an extension, are past due, on a payment plan or currently have active warrants:

- Payment in Full

- Payplan Payments



To proceed, you must agree that you have read and understand the following:

I understand that paying in full may result in a conviction on my driving record.

If a drivers safety course was previously granted and I opt to pay the remaining balance online, I understand this payment will constitute a waiver of the Show Cause hearing, a request for the Judge to impose judgment, and a waiver of my right to appeal the judgment imposed. 

I understand there will be a processing fee for credit card and debit card payments made through the online citation payment system.

I understand that by entering my plea and selecting one of the available options, I am waiving my right to receive discovery or further discovery information pertaining to my case.

I understand that if I am not a citizen of the United States of America, a plea of No Contest for the offense charged may affect my immigration or residency status and may result in deportation, the exclusion from admission to this country, or the denial of naturalization under federal law, and that it is unlawful for a defendant to possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition if the defendant is convicted of a misdemeanor involving family violence. 

If you understand and agree to the above statements, click "I AGREE" below to proceed.