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On behalf of PID's Board and staff we would like to express our heartbreak for all our neighbors who are suffering due to the Camp Fire. We are working to restore services in Paradise and look forward to supporting you when you return and rebuild.

We've redesigned this page to answer some questions we've received from the community.

Ending Service:

You don't need to call PID to end your service.

Sealed Account Status:

All accounts have been placed in a sealed status. What this means is the meter is shut off and billing will remain in effect at a reduced rate. Water will be available to you when requested or as soon as possible. The current rate for a sealed meter is $19.59 but will be adjusted to $21.49 in January (due to a rate increase approved in 2016).

Stay on the sealed rate if you wish to remain a PID customer and want the district to continue to maintain your service line and meter. The monthly fee also covers administrative costs associated with having a maintainted PID account. PID will fix any fire damage between the mainline and your meter location and restore water to the meter when requested as we are able. Customers should check with their insurance companies and ask if this recurring monthly fee is reimbursable under “additional living expenses”.

Permanent Disconnect:

Customers have the option of permanent disconnect and can have their billings stop completely. However, because the service will not be maintained by PID, owner will be responsible to pay the actual cost to reconnect, including labor and materials such as service line from mainline to meter, a new meter, and backflow device. Customer should disclose in any property sales that the property does not have water service.

 If you wish to permanently disconnect from the District please include a photocopy of a valid government-issued ID (i.e. California Driver's License) and fill out and return the form below.

Permanently Disconnect Service Form

Mail to form to 6332 Clark Road, Paradise, CA 95969 (mail will be forwarded to PID).

Tenants do not need to contact us to disconnect service. If you have questions, please contact your landlord or property manager.

How do I pay my bill?

Online: It's secure, easy and free. Choose from:

QuickPay: No need to set up an online account or password. You will, however, need your PID account number and the amount of your last payment.

Online account: Set up your password and ID just once and pay your PID bill easily.

Automatic payment: Set it and forget it!

PID will withdraw funds from your chosen credit or debit card. Login to your online account to set the date you'd like to pay each month and the rest is taken care of. 

By phone

1-866-205-8706 (automated system)

By mail

6332 Clark Road, Paradise, CA 95969 (The post office will forward to us)

How to contact us

There are no PID public business offices open at this time. The District is operating from a temporary location in Chico. The best way to contact PID is by phone or email.

Contact us by email here: https://pidwater.com/contact

We expect phone service to be functional by Monday, November 19th.