Municipal Court Online Payments 

This online service allows you to resolve certain cases without the necessity of a court appearance. If you are requesting Deferred Disposition or Defensive Driving you may call the Municipal Court to confirm your eligibility. Paying your fine without making previous arrangements with the Municipal Court will result in a conviction on your driving record and automatically forfeits any right to request defensive driving or deferred disposition.  

If you wish to contest your citation (plead Not Guilty) you must appear in person before the Judge on or before the appearance date and time on your citation.

This online payment process requires you to enter a plea of guilty or no contest(nolo contendere), and to waive your right to a jury trial. If you have questions regarding your plea you should visit the Municipal Court website for more explanations or contact an attorney for legal advice.  

Not all violations are eligible to be paid online.  If you have questions regarding your ability to pay online please contact the Municipal Court for assistance. An online convenience fee will be added to every online payment transaction.  Payment for multiple violations on the same online transaction will incur only one online convenience fee. 

Information Needed to Pay Online

The online payment system will require you to have your Citation number and date of birth, or your Driver's License number and date of birth to access the information for payments. 

Parking violations will require the License Plate number of the vehicle on the citation.

Warrants Paid Online

You may pay an active warrant of arrest using this on-line payment system; however, you are still subject to arrest until the Judge has accepted your payment.  The court typically receives payments on the next business day; however, you should call the Court if you have questions regarding the payment status for a warrant. Please be sure to print a receipt and keep with you for proof of payment until you can verify the information with the Court.

Juveniles(Under Age 16)

Juveniles (under age 16) CANNOT use the online payment service.  All juveniles are required by Texas State Law to appear before the Court in person with a parent or legal guardian.