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If your account has been DISCONNECTED FOR NON-PAYMENT, please contact our office for the balance due to reconnect services which will include the past due balance and additional fees. 

There is a $1.25 3rd party charge for online payments.

4/16/2021 Important Message Regarding Sewer Billing Error

Due to software error, Nixa Utilities bills for January, February, and March did not calculate sewer charges correctly for some customers. Your April and/or May Nixa Utilities bills may therefore show adjustments as we work to correct those software errors for each Nixa Utilities account that was impacted.

We are carefully double-checking each account to ensure amounts due are correct for every customer. Anyone not charged enough for sewer in the last few months may see an “arrears” charge on your April or May bill, and anyone charged too much for sewer will receive a credit.

For some customers, the correction for your account may appear in the “arrears” line, although you may have paid your January, February, and March bills in full and on time. If this is the case for your bill, rest assured you are NOT going to be charged a late fee, NOR will your utilities be disconnected for any arrears resulting from the software error. In this case, “arrears” simply means you are now being charged for the proper amount we should have charged you in January, February, and March.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this error. We understand the error may result in a higher-than-anticipated April and/or May bill for some customers.

We are committed to accurate billing and fair practices. You can count on us to make this right. We are making adjustments with our software to ensure this issue does not occur again. If you have any questions about your account, please visit our office or call us at 417-725-3229.