Pay Your Ticket Online

By making a voluntary payment online, you forfeit any right to request a Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition. Pleading and paying online may constitute a conviction being reported to the Department of Public Safety.

To request the Driver Safety Course or Deferred Disposition Probation option, stop and contact the Municipal Court first.

Access your case and make a payment 

Note: a convenience fee of $2.50 - $3.50 will be applied.

Municipal Court Online Payment

Not all violations may be paid online; some require an appearance, payment and additonal paperwork.  

  • Juveniles age 16 or under are required to appear in person in open court.
  • Minors ages 17 to 20 who received an alcohol- or tobacco-related charge are required to appear in person in open court.
  • Charges involving an allegation of family, domestic, household or dating violence, require you to appear in court to enter a plea before a municipal court judge.


Any warrant paid online will be recorded as a conviction.

Keep a copy of your payment confirmation or receipt for your records.

City of McKinney Municipal Court Website