Welcome to the Longview Municipal Court Online Services

Please be aware that there are restrictions regarding what can be resolved on-line.  Not all cases are available for on-line processing through this website.

Juveniles (under age 17) charged with any offense and minors (under age 21) charged with an alcohol or tobacco offense must appear in person with a parent or legal guardian to enter their plea before the Judge.  These cases can not be handled on-line.  Please read all of the information listed below before you proceed. 

On this site you can:

- pay a parking citation

- pay a traffic citation

- pay a city ordinance violation

- pay a warrant in full  (the warrant will be cleared as soon as your payment is accepted)

- make a payment on an existing payment plan

- request to take a Driver's Safety Course (DSC) to satisfy the citation and keep it off your driving record

- request a compliance dismissal for expired vehicle registration, expired drivers license, fail to display drivers license, fail to report change of address on drivers license, expired disabled parking placard, defective vehicle equipment, or operate vehicle without 2 valid license plates.

First look up your citation and if you are eligible to sign up on line for DSC or request a compliance dismissal you will see that option.  Click on the option and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions please call 903-237-1186 before you make an online payment.  Once you have made your plea and payment online, refunds will not be issued.

 A processing fee will be added to your total. 

Click the link  HERE  to get started.

Have a question or need assistance finding your citation?  We now offer Live Chat during regular business hours.  

For more information regarding the Municipal Court and ways to resolve your citation, visit us at our website by clicking the link below.