Important Notifications you must read prior to payment online.

The Killeen Municipal Court allows online payments in full and partial payments on existing payment plans.

1) You must enter a plea of guilty or no contest. Be advised that it is a criminal offense for anyone, other than a licensed attorney representing the defendant, to enter a plea on the defendant’s behalf.

  • "No Contest" is not an admission of guilty.
  • "Guilty" is an open admission of guilty.

By selecting a "No Contest" or "Guilty" plea you have made the decision to not contest the citation and have opted instead to pay a standard fine. The judge will enter a finding of guilt and the violation will be reported accordingly.

2) If the violation is traffic, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified and this violation will appear on your driving record.

3) You will no longer be eligible to complete a driver’s safety course for dismissal of the offense.

• Submit online payment based on the existing order previously approved by the Court.

Payments made after 11:59 pm will be posted to the following work date. Fines paid on a Friday will not post until the following work date.

CASES NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ONLINE PROCESSING due to mandatory statutory requirements or local policy.

  • Family Violence offenses
  • Deferred Disposition (unless pre-approved)
  • Bond Payments (you must appear in person to submit a bond payment)
  • Juvenile Cases
  • Minor Alcohol/Tobacco Offenses
  • Compliance Dismissals
  • A request to complete the driver's safety course

Please contact the Municipal Court for information regarding these types of cases. You can email the court at The email must contain photo identification, full name and the citation number.

A processing fee of $2.00 is added to all on-line accounts. You can also pay your citation in person at 200 East Avenue D, Suite D and no fee will be assessed. If you continue with on-line payment you accept paying the $2.00 processing fee.

If you agree to these terms you may proceed with payment.

Click here to submit payment in full or payment on an existing payment plan