Traffic Citations or Court Fees: Pay Online

Please be aware that not all Irving Municipal Court violations may be paid online; some require a court appearance at the Municipal Court because of the type of offense or age of defendant. Additionally, paperwork may be required as part of your request. This system will only display current cases. Cases previously paid, or otherwise disposed of, will not be shown. 

This system will not accept payments for violations: 

  1. Issued to juveniles.
  2. Issued to minors charged with alcohol or tobacco related offenses.
  3. Administrative fee payments for court programs such as Deferred Disposition, Driving Safety or Teen Court.   NOTE - The only exception to this is if you have already entered into an agreement for Deferred Disposition prior to your payment.

If you believe the amount due on your case is incorrect, please contact the court prior to submitting payment.

Online payments require the defendant to waive his/her right to a jury trial and enter a plea of Nolo Contendere or Guilty. Be aware that entering a plea and paying online without a request to the court to keep the violation(s) off your record will constitute a conviction which may be reported on your driving record or your criminal record. Do not pay online if you want to keep a violation off your record. 

A nonmonetary compliance option may be available to you to satisfy your court order. The Judge may grant or deny your request for a hearing, and nonmonetary compliance options are available at the Judge's discretion. If you are, or become indigent or unable to pay, you can appear in person at the Irving Municipal Court at 1:30 pm Monday-Friday. A referral to the Judge may be required for judicial review of your specific situation.

Arrested?  Currently in custody?  If you desire to pay for a defendant who is currently in custody, you MUST contact the jail where the individual is being detained for Irving charges.  (If payment is made through this online system, it would not be processed until the next business day). 

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