Welcome to our online Utility account access site for current customers.  Please read the information below before beginning your online registration process.

We encourage you to become a registered user and take advantage of the convenient utility account monitoring tools this site has to offer.  Once registered you will have quick, easy, and free access to your utility account details anytime, including consumption and payment history.

You will need your utility account number, amount of your last utility payment and your email address to register an online account.  You're now ready to register, simply click the Utility Billing link above to begin.

  • * Online Credit Card Payments -- Only existing utility accounts are eligible to pay online, new deposits must be paid in person at the Utility Billing Office.  Each online transaction is limited to $500.00 or below and a (temporarily suspended) processing fee will apply to each online credit card payment.  Please note; the $500.00 payment limit and $4.00 processing fee applies to all forms of credit card payments not just those processed online.                                                                                                                  

  • * Late Fees -- Your utility account information shown on this website may not immediately reflect applied late fees.  You will need to refer to your actual utility bill for the date and time late fees apply.  If paying after the time stated on your bill you will need to include any applicable late fees with your payment.
  • * Shutoffs -- You must contact the utility billing office at (816)380-8900 to speak to a utility clerk if you are paying after the $50.00 administrative fee and *applicable utility deposit has been applied.  Online payment alone will not prevent disconnection from occurring nor will it automatically allow reconnection to occur.  *Please note; if paying after 5PM on the 25th you will need to include an additional $75.00 with your past due payment in order to avoid disconnection.  More may be due depending on your required utility deposit but additional notice will be provided prior to disconnection if you have paid the minimum additional amount due of $75.00.