Welcome to the Utility Payment Customer Portal

The following services are available:

Water Billing

We now offer eBilling! Please log in and sign up today!


The City of Fountain Valley offers Autopay via Checking or Credit/Debit Accounts to pay your water bill. 

To sign up, click the link to fill out the form: Autopay Application

Print the application, fill out and sign, and send to address at top of application.
For the Checking Account, you will need to include a voided check with the application. Once we receive your application we will apply the Autopay to your account going forward.

Note: If you have already received your bill you will need to pay the amount due like usual and your Autopay will take effect on the next billing.

With all Autopay options you will continue to receive your water bill as usual and your payment will be deducted 13 days after the billing date on your bill.