Welcome to our online payments website!

The following services are available:


The online service is a secure site.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover debit and credit cards.

Convenience (3%) fees and minimal processings fees do apply.


It would be to your advantage to call the court BEFORE making a payment online.  The Court will not accept phone calls on Wednesdays.  Several options exist to help you.  Partial payments can not be accepted unless arrangements are made with the Judge prior to payments.

Please be aware that not all violations may be paid online, some will require your appearance in court or payment must be made in the Municipal Court clerk's office as additional paperwork will be required.

If you believe the amount due on your case is incorrect, please contact the court prior to submitting your payment.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED.

Be aware that pleading and paying online may constitute a conviction being reported to DPS.

You may NOT want to pay online if any of the following apply to you:

  • - If you desire to keep a violation off your driving record
  • - Requesting a driver's safety course, deferred disposition or extension
  • - Any violation involving tobacco or alcohol
  • - Contesting the Ticket
  • - Under the age of 17 at the time of the violation
  • - Posting a Cash Bond
  • - Requesting a Dismissal

Please use the link below to make online payments:

Municipal Court



(Water, Sewer & Garbage)   Payments are due the 18th of each month.

All utility bills from the City are mailed by the 4th of each month.  Bills are due and payable upon receipt.  If payment is not received at the City on or before the 18th of each month, the bill will be considered delinquent and a fee added.  If the balance is not received at the City on or before the 28th of the subsequent month, your service will be disconnected and an additional fee will be added.  You may request no more that 4 extensions to pay per calendar year – an additional 14 days can be granted without additional fees. 

Methods of Payment:

  • Draft payments from your bank account on the 13th each of each month. Come by City Hall to sign up.
  • *  Mail payments: City of Bridge City, P. O. Box 846, Bridge City, TX 77611.  Please allow at least 10 days for mail service.
  • *  Use a bill pay service of your chose.  Please allow at least 10 days for check to be mailed.
  • A drive-thru depository is available in front of City Hall for your convenience 24 hours a day.
  • * Visa, Mastercard and Discover (credit and debit) cards are accepted at City Hall.  A 3% convenience fee will be applied on all charges.
  • Visa, Mastercard and Discover (credit and debit) payments are accepted online - see link below.  A 3% convenience fee and a minimal processing fee will be applied on all charges.
  • If you are paying a utility bill online, you will need to register and create a log in on your first visit to the online payment site.  You will need your account number and the last payment amount. You will attach your account number to your profile.  After you have completed these steps then all you will need to do in the future is log in and your account information will appear.
  • If you make payment arrangements online or by phone to pay a delinquent account - YOU MUST CALL City Hall (409-735-6801) to make us aware you made the arrangement.
  • Phone payments can be made by calling 1-833-259-4022. 

Please use the link below to make online payments:

Utility Billing