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NOTICE: on September 27, 2022 City Council approved Ord. 2409 (effective 10/1/2022) for utility rate increase as well as utility deposit increases

Before you make a payment for the deposit please fill out and submit the Connection Form to the Utility Billing Department.

After the form is submitted contact the Utility Billing Department at (361) 358-4641 to ensure that they have received the form. Once they confirm receipt of your application go ahead and make the payment by selecting the correct meter size (If you have more than one meter for the account select the larger meter size).

Once you process your payment contact the Utility Billing Department to let them know that you have made a payment so, they can move forward with the Connection process.

Water-Meter Deposits
Used to contact you in case of problem with payment
The House/Property Owned - $100.00 The House/Property Rented - $200.00 Select Only One Option
5/8 & 3/4 meter - $100.00 1" meter - $130.00 1 1/2" meter - $150.00 2" meter - $200.00 3" meter - $250.00 4" meter - $300.00 6" meter - $400.00 (By Size)
Payment method
Payment Details
Payment amount
City CC Fee $1.25
Credit Card
Municipal Online Payments Fee (Credit Card) $1.25

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