Clipboard with pencil checking boxes.
  • Base Payment amount must equal the number of spaces you are leasing X $20.00.
  • If this is a new application, add $50.00 to the base amount.
  • Payments not accompanied by a fully completed form will not be accepted and will be refunded.

  • Incorrect Payment amounts will not be accepted and will also be refunded.

  • If you don't know your payment amount, or other information, email

Annual Exclusive Parking Lease Payment
Used to contact you in case of problem with payment
Format Must be correct (EP05-000, EP22-01, etc)
One or the other please, i.e. "White House" or "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"
Condo Association or Name/Company on Deed
If Applicable. If not leave this field blank
This must be the full name of your emergency person
What number should we call in an emergency
Numeric Digits of Address ONLY, i.e. "1600"
East, West or None
Bay Harbor or a number between 92 and 103, ONLY
Drive, Street or Terrace, ONLY
Full name please
If needed. Full Name
If new - add a $50.00 processing fee.
1 2 3
Payment method
Payment Details
Payment amount
Processing Fee $1.00
Credit Card
Municipal Online Payments Fee (Credit Card) $0.00
Municipal Online Payments Fee (eCheck) $0.00
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