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As per Town of Bay Harbor Islands Ordinance No. 1065 Chapter 24, Section 24-18

Enforcement: *An association that fails to file the required registration will first be issued a warning providing 30 days to file the registration. If the registration is not filed within 30 days, the association will be subject to fine of $150.00, which shall be collected in addition to the required registration fee.

If the registration is not filed within 60 days of the initial warning, the fine shall increase to $500.00. Any unpaid registration fees or penalties shall constitute a lien against the property, which may be enforced in the same manner as other municipal liens. * Incorrect payment amounts and/or payments not accompanied by a fully completed application form will be rejected and the payment refunded.

Email if you have any questions regarding payment or this form.

Condominium Association Registration
Used to contact you in case of problem with payment
As registered with the State of Florida's Division of Corporations
List of all officers & directors of the association with contact information
If applicable
Registration Fee Amount ($150.00) ($500.00)
Payment method
Payment Details
Payment amount
Credit Card Processing Fee $2.25
Credit Card
Municipal Online Payments Fee (Credit Card) $0.00
E-check Processing Fee $1.25
Municipal Online Payments Fee (eCheck) $0.00
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