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Installation of new water meters is complete! As part of our ongoing efforts to improve services to our Customers, City of Alamo now offers an online portal to help you monitor your water usage, offering you direct and secure access to your water usage data. The Get My Meter Info portal and smartphone apps allow you to review and analyze your water usage patterns. With these tools, you are now able to view your usage activity and gain greater understanding and control of the amount of water you use. You are also able to establish alerts, including identifying potential leaks and abnormal increases in your water usage.

For instruction on registering your account visit
To access your smart meter data and notifications, register at the Get My Meter Info website at

Get My Meter Info is for viewing your water usage and history.

If you have any question please call 787-0006 option 3.

If you need to connect services please contact our office for information.  If you have been disconnected for non-payment and make an online payment, please contact our office to advise of payment and assure reconnection.  Online payments due not always guarantee connection of services.

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